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Our Vision

Foreshore Data is a vibrant new company with decades’ worth of experience in the realm of data analytics. As a company with a majority of Indigenous Australian ownership, we believe in combining the newest data technologies and capabilities with ancient communication and relationship abilities.
We work with you to find the best solution for your organization because together we can always accomplish so much more than we can alone.

Our History

The Advantage Data team has more than 50 years combined experience in data science and machine learning. The team have been involved in many successful tech start-ups, with data at the core, as either founders or key advisers, including in the ICO and cryptocurrency space.

Our chief data scientist, Dr Eugene Dubossarsky, holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning (Neural Networks) and is a pioneer and world authority in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, regularly asked to be a keynote speaker for big corporates. He also consults to the big end of town including major banks, insurance companies, electricity and other utility companies. Eugene is the Chief Data Scientist of AlphaZetta, one of the world’s largest international analytics consulting firms spanning 50 countries and 350 consultants and is the founder of Presciient, an analytics training business, and has trained hundreds of aspiring data scientists in corporate, start-up, government and health sectors. Before going out on his own, he was a director at Ernst and Young.

Damon Rasheed, co-founder of Advantage Data Consulting, holds a Master’s Degree in Commerce (Hons) and a Bachelor Degree in Economics (Hons). His passion for the last 20 years has been econometrics and machine learning. Damon has worked extensively with financial and sports data and is also an expert in data valuation, having developed a propriety AI technology to value data assets, something that will be key to CGAC’s token economy. Damon has also been involved in some of the most successful ICO’s in history, most recently as an adviser on Bankera, which has raised close to 100 million Euro and still counting. Damon has also been involved in many technology start-ups and is currently the founder and CEO of Rate Detective, one of Australia’s largest financial comparison sites. He was also the CEO and co-founder of iBus Media one of the largest digital media companies in the gambling space. He is an expert in online marketing and has a passion for driving traffic to websites and apps. Once the CACG application has been built, he can assist in a digital marketing strategy. Damon also comes from a regulatory background where he worked for the Australian Governement in anti-trust as an economist. This experience can help navigate legislative issues around data and medical cannabis.

Theo Vornonov has applied statistical and machine learning techniques to solve business problems across different domains: banking, fraud detection, digital advertising, product analytics, customer acquisition, financial trading and portfolio optimisation. Theo is an expert in all phases of the data science process, from business understanding, data acquisition, modelling through to deployment. Theo was involved in one of Australia’s largest ever tech start-ups at Atlassian where he used open source technology including R and Python, cloud platforms and services, through to enterprise-level analytics such as SAS at Westpac Bank. Atlassian’s market cap is now 12.42B.

Dr Sam Glasson is a is a versatile analytics professional with over 10 years experience. His doctoral research involved applying machine learning techniques to banking data to better understand the quality of loan applicants. Since then he has applied his skills to the online, university and financial sectors. Most recently, Sam led a team of data analysts to develop stress testing models for a major Australian bank. His passion is for using data analytics to drive better business decisions.

Our Team

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