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Data Analytics / Dashboards

get more from your data

Often the lowest hanging fruit to get the most out of your data is to aggregates, analyse and visualise your data using dashboards and to have this updated in real time so stakeholders can have a clear picture on what is happening at all times.
Foreshore Data

understanding your needs

The process starts by understanding what is important to your business. For some businesses, this is obvious for others the discovery process can also be rewarding.

Once we understand your business needs, we will inspect the data that you are collecting. Often, we find that a businesses data needs some “curation” before it can be properly visualised. It’s during this stage where we can use our experience to provide additional insights into your data by proving a data analytics service.

Foreshore Data

Better visulisation

Once we have the data in a usable format the next step is to provide meaningful visualisations that can be helping for your organisation. Our job is to help inform you on what’s possible and to also use our initiative and experience to guide you to get the best dashboard. Put another way, if you ask us to do a pie chart we are going to push back and show you many better ways to visualise your data, but if you are still determined to have a pie chart we can of course implement that too!

Contact us and one of our data scientists will be in touch to discuss how we can turn your data…

Our Promise

We will help you navigate through the ocean of data in all its forms to enhance the capabilities of your organization and improve your outcomes.