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Machine Learning​

Foreshore data

Our experience in machien learning

At Foreshore data we have wide experience in Machine Learning, brining together experts with years and, even multiple decades in the field. We have applied a range of traditional statistical, tree-based and neural machine learning AI techniques to a wide range of industries, business applications and use cases.

Foreshore data

Machine learning models

Our team of experts has successfully and profitably applied Machine Learning in fields including Government, Energy, Transportation, Banking, Insurance,  Telecommunications, Health, Finance, Sports and Climate and Weather using machine learning for accurate prediction, insightful understanding of complex systems, accountable characterisation of specific cases. We have also created a range of powerful online applications including vision for sports coaching, search engine optimisation, data valuation and end-to-end business automation.
Our experts include those with decades of commercial experience, along with Masters and Ph.D. degrees and leadership roles in the industry. Below is a list of the types of models we work with.

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Our Promise

We will help you navigate through the ocean of data in all its forms to enhance the capabilities of your organization and improve your outcomes.