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The Foreshore Team has extensive experience at the intersection of Strategy and Analytics. Our team of highly experienced, high-level advisors are well versed in supporting CEOs and other C-suite executives in making key decisions about their data analytics capability, and more importantly making key business decisions well guided by appropriate and correct data analytics.

We thus advise both on:

Strategy of Analytics

Strategy from Analytics

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Strategy of Analytics

We are experienced in selecting, building, enabling and guiding new analytics functions. This includes appropriate positioning of the analytics function in the org chart, and the incentives, expectations and data literacy requirements of key customers, beneficiaries and stakeholders of the function, as well as the skills and management structure of the analytics function itself. We pay particular attention to the correct identification, enablement and role specification of the team leader, and also the key sponsor / beneficiary.

We work as trusted advisors with analytics beneficiaries and key stakeholders, ensuring their correct engagement with the analytics function, and teaching them to correctly manage this exploratory intelligence function, which despite appearances is nothing like a project-based IT function. We advise managers on how to best explore with their analytics team to identify and exploit key opportunities and avoid hitherto unseen risks.

Strategy From Analytics

Analytics Function Review : Our team is regularly engaged to review the capabilities, priorities and management structure of analytics teams. We engage with key stakeholders, C-suite executives and analytics / Data Science team leaders to detect common pitfalls in productivity, communication gaps and minimal literacy requirements both in business and data analytics.

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We will help you navigate through the ocean of data in all its forms to enhance the capabilities of your organization and improve your outcomes.