Damon Rasheed

Damon is a serial entrepreneur responsible for numerous successful tech start-ups, most recently he is the a co-founder of Advantage Data, Aurum Data and Foreshore Data, companies that specialise in machine learning and big data solutions.. He holds a Masters Degree in Commerce (Hons) and a Degree in Economics (Hons). Damon has had more than 20 years’ experience working with data and has been involved in setting up several successful internet startups that have relied largely on big data analysis.

Damon is a current executive board member of Opyl Pty Ltd (ASX: OPL) who specialise in providing digital health and AI solutions to the health industry. Damon has also worked extensively with the TAC and iRap.org using AI/machine learning to determine what road characteristics cause major injuries and fatalities.

Key Skills and Experience
  • Company Directorship (Public and Private);
  • Machine learning;
  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Econometrics;
  • Financial control and management;
  • Project management;
  • Economic consultancy;
  • Internet marketing;
  • Technology start-ups
  • Digital marketing using AI
Experience Relevant to Proposed Role

Advantage Data ,www.advantage-data.io ( (2017 – current)

As Co-founder of Advantage Data, Damon has been heavily involved in working with the TAC in Victoria and the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP). This involved using machine learning and explainable AI to identify road and other characteristics that were responsible for driving claims costs, major injuries, and fatalities. Explainable AI is being used to analyse constraints and impacts affecting the ARTC network. The deliverables for this project also involved extensive data visualisation and dashboarding enabling TAC management to use the output to guide policy decisions.

OPYL Pty Ltd (2018 to current).

Damon is an executive director of Opyl Pty Ltd (ASX: OPL). Opyl provides digital health solutions using AI to big pharma and other drug developers. Damon has been involved in building a machine learning tool, using explainable AI, to predict clinical trial outcomes and to explain the drivers behind those estimates.

Qualifications & Training
  • Master’s Degree in Commerce (Hons) specialising in stats and econometrics – University of Melbourne 2007
  • Degree in Economics (Hons) – University of Adelaide 2001
Reference contact to support past performance in a project of a similar size and scale
  • Rob McInerney, iRAP.org – Chief Executive Officer 2017 – current
  • Michelle Gallaher (CEO Opyl ASX: OPL) 2018 – current
  • Paulette Ziekemijjer – Manager, Research, Insights and Evaluation Road Safety Community Relations Transport Accident Commission