Debra Franklin

As someone who places a high value on interpersonal relationships, Debra understands the challenges faced in today’s turbulent climate.

Debra enjoys an intellectual workout, and building relationships with a diverse range of clients and associates meets that goal for herself and those around her.

She is an experienced Project Manager and Line Supervisor, and enjoys it when goals are met and surpassed and clients satisfied.

Key Skills and Experience
  • Team building and facilitation
  • Building customer relationships
  • Project management
  • Content creation
  • Communication
  • Warehouse administration
  • Administration
  • Flexibility
Experience Relevant to Proposed Role:

Team Supervisor, Beaumont Tiles (Victorian State Warehouse, 2007-2019)
Starting with a simple office role, Debra applied her skills and acquired new ones on the job to advance to the role of warehouse supervisor. Covering various essential tasks, she was responsible for training and developing new starters and also acted as warehouse manager.

Project Manager, Telstra (Melbourne, 1998-1999)
As a project manager with Internal Customer Services, Debra was responsible for ensuring the successful completion of a number of diverse projects. From small jobs such as providing new comms to a team of half a dozen people to the challenge of moving whole departments across the CBD, including all the hardware, software and infrastructure, her commitment and ability to adapt to fast-changing situations ensured a high level of client satisfaction.

Internal Customer Services Resource Manager, Telstra (Melbourne, 1995-1998)
Debra managed a national team of SMEs involved in the implementation of new telecommunications technology. Regular communication with stakeholders, ensuring the appropriate and efficacious development of team members led to an efficient and enthusiastic team and many strong relationships between members and clients.

Qualifications & Training
  • HSC, Melton Secondary College, 1984
Reference contact to support past performance in a project of a similar size and scale
  • Ms. Joanne Jones, 0419 575 818
  • Chief People and Culture Officer, Beaumont Tiles
  • Period of Exposure (2018-2019)