Dr Anne Cregan

Anne is primarily responsible for working with the customer to understand their needs and ensure they are met by the solution delivered. She brings a broad range of talents to the job from Semantics, Data Science and Cognitive Science, as well as Business and Analytical Skills.

Anne enjoys tackling difficult problems and working out effective solutions and is able to bring a cross-disciplinary perspective. She’s an effective translator between business and technology.

Anne’s PhD in Semantic Technologies was at UNSW, sponsored by NICTA (now CSIRO Data61) She has been involved in ISO and W3C Semantic standardisation work and incubator work, and was a Board member of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Key Skills and Experience
  • Business and Needs Analysis
  • Semantic Technologies
  • Data Fusion and Harmonisation
  • Symbol Grounding
  • Cognitive Science
  • Dealing with Uncertainty
  • Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Senior Management
  • Stakeholder management
Experience Relevant to Proposed Role

Semantic Lead, Humanities Networked Infrastructure Project (HuNI) (2012-15)

HuNI (Humanities Networked Infrastructure) combines data from over 30 Australian cultural facilities into the biggest humanities and creative arts database ever assembled in Australia. HuNI data covers all disciplines and brings together information about the people, works, events, organisations and places that make up the country’s rich cultural landscape. As Semantic Lead, Anne was responsible for designing the semantic model and vetting and harmonising data for each source into a coherent, interoperable framework.

Senior eResearch Analyst, Intersect Australia (2008-2012)
As the senior eResearch Analyst, Anne worked with researchers across many disciplines and many Australian universities to determine their needs and ensure they were met by Intersect and the various eResearch services brokered by Intersect, including Software Development, High Performance Computing, Large Scale Storage, Data Discoverability, Tagging and Reuse, Technical Training and Data Science.

Research Engineer, NICTA, Situation Awareness using Inference and Logic (SAIL) Project (2007-2008)
While completing her PhD at NICTA, Anne worked on the SAIL project, a joint project between DSTO and NICTA. It aggregated simulated sensor data into semantic primitives then used semantic technologies to build a knowledge base as a platform for reasoning and generating new knowledge. A Controlled Natural Language interface supported Q&A querying of the knowledge base built up from sensor data.

Qualifications & Training
  • PhD Semantic Technologies –University of New South Wales / NICTA (2009)
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons I) in Psychology with major in Statistics, University of Sydney
Reference contact to support past performance in a project of a similar size and scale
  • Deb Verhoeven
    Association Dean of Engagement and Innovation, University of Technology Sydney (Previously HuNI Project Lead)
    Period of Exposure (2012 – 2015)